NY & NJ Medical Marijuana Updates

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tear-off-calendar-nigel mustaphaIn New York, the Department of Health had been accepting applications to obtain a license to grow and distribute medical marijuana. The original deadline was set for May 29th, however it has been pushed back to June 5th. Many individuals had questions throughout the process, therefore the state held off on the deadline to provide more information.

The goal of this application process is to offer private marijuana growers a contract to open dispensaries for the distribution of drugs to New York patients. Only five private growers will be awarded with contracts and the state is looking to open just four dispensaries. Any patients set to receive the drug must be doctor certified for treatment. Once the dispensaries are formed, it will take nine months to grow the supply. The program initially launched its request for applications last month with a January deadline required by law. In July, the selected companies are likely to be registered to begin the process.

New Jersey is facing criticism for the pricing of their medical marijuana. Of those who need the help, many just can’t afford it. It is not uncommon for patients to spend more than $500 for one ounce. Additionally, sales tax of 7% is charged by the New Jersey dispensaries. The medical marijuana program was signed in during 2010. Other criticisms of the program include how it has slowly taken off the ground and how aspects of that are simply dysfunctional. Today, 3,800 patients are being serviced over three dispensaries. Although several thousands more need help, they can’t get it due to further issues with New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. Some say the state’s rigid regulations are cause for higher pricing.

To hear more updates about medical marijuana in New York and New Jersey, visit sources like the Poughkeepsie Journal or New Jersey 101.5.

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Application Time for Potential Medical Growers in NY

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blogging-nigel mustaphaBusinesses who want to be registered to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana will now be able to apply in New York. The Department of Health for this state recently made an announcement for applications. In July of 2014, Governor Cuomo signed a law that patients with serious illnesses will be able to use medical marijuana. However, the slow pace of this to come to pass has patients speaking up. Children in particular are in great need of these non-smokable forms of treatment.

The request for applications is a key part of the entire process for legalization in New York. Following submission, reviews will lead to the registration of organizations by the summertime. July of 2015 is the expected date for company registration. Upon signing the law in July of last year, there was an 18 month deadline for everything to come to pass. Once the program is live, patients with serious ailments such as cancer and epilepsy will now have access to new doctor prescribed drugs. Aside from that, patients who receive certifications will have the chance to purchase from dispensaries awarded with contracts to open for business. In New York, five contracts will be offered to private growers to sell. After being awarded a contract, the estimated grow time is nine months. Forms of the marijuana drug that will be permitted only include vapors, pills, and oils. Smokable forms will not be allowed.

In order to apply, $10,000 is needed to submit an application. This amount is non-refundable and must be sent with thoughtful details of plans for their operation. Once accepted, $200,000 is required for registration.

For more information about New York’s plans for medical marijuana, visit The Journal News online here.

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Read This Before Eating Foods That Contain THC

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nigel mustapha snacksStates that allow marijuana whether in the recreational or medical form may offer snacks that contain the same ingredient, THC. These edible treats should not be taken lightly as many of them may contain higher levels than assumed. The packaging is not clear enough for consumers to fully understand what they are eating and how much. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing products like these to ensure you do not over consume.


One dose of THC is considered to be ten milligrams, although five milligrams may be more acceptable for those who are not used to cannabis products. The labels of certain products will clearly explain this bit of information. A listing of ingredients is also a signal that the snack follows state guidelines. Alternatively, foods with brand labels that look eerily similar to major brand names may indicate noncompliance.

Child Safety

Many edibles containing THC often look enticing to children. A good guideline to follow is only buy goods that have child resistant packaging. If it does not come in some form of wrapping that prevents children from consuming, it will need to be stored in a restricted place.

Be Aware

Consuming THC, especially at high levels can produce side effects. A sensory overload leading to feelings of anxiety can sometimes occur when the level of THC being consumed is not being monitored. The process of eating THC can also be more potent than inhaling it through smoke. Consuming this substance makes it more difficult to determine when to stop. Smoking triggers sensations that will alert you to stop. The effects of consumed THC can also last much longer.

Goods containing THC are not appropriately regulated which lead to the need to be mindful of these tips. In time, if more issues arise, the government will need to take a more firm stance in the distribution of these sorts of products. This approach may lead to further controversy among the community of those that purchase products like these.

For more on this topic, visit the original article by East Bay Express here.

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Insight Into the Practice of Meditation

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Meditation is often known as something helpful yet confusing. Whether you are new to the idea of centering the mind through regular meditation sessions or a stranger to the concept, a few realizations may help the overall experience. Some points may show you the practice is not all you imagined or just exactly what you always thought.

A Mantra

The literal translation of a mantra is “mind vehicle.” Those who meditate sometimes use this technique to help focus the mind. An important note is to realize that a mantra does not have to be a group of words by which to live. Other tools that help in focusing the mind may even include specific sounds or paying attention to breath.

A Blank Mind

Those who meditate should realize that the mind does not necessarily need to be blank. It is natural that some thoughts will remain. It is most important to use the tools that will help you to achieve the greatest level of focus.

Body Positioning

Choose the body form that feels most comfortable. Media images of meditation may include crossed legs and thumbs to index fingers, but that is not a requirement. Try sitting upright or on something comfortable until you figure out what will be best for you.

Meditation = Sleepy-time

Many people will cite falling asleep during a meditation session. Sleep should not be the goal but should be embraced if it occurs. The short nap that occurs could even feel especially rejuvenating. If sleep is something you are adamant about avoiding during meditation time, there are tips to stay more alert.

Improved Health

Meditation is known to be a positive influence on one’s overall health. Areas this practice can improve include strengthening the immune system, improving concentration, more happiness, and even help in overcoming substance addictions.

To learn more about meditation and its effects, visit the original article here.

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How to Break Into the Medical Marijuana Industry

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Medical marijuana is a growing industry in the United State of America. Legalization has generated millions of dollars in new tax revenues and created an influx in marijuana industry jobs. For those interested in breaking into this rapidly emerging field, follow these steps.

Pick an area of interest.

There are many different routes in the marijuana industry. Determine the area that sounds the most exciting and be willing to dedicate time to pursuing that. Some specific areas may include growing, business, or sales.

Acknowledge the skills you can offer.

Take the time to ask yourself questions that will uncover the aspects that can most greatly contribute to this industry. If you have a useful talent, be sure to share your abilities.


To get in front of some of the country’s next industry leaders, join an organization that is a proponent for cannabis. Potential employers will value the dedication to the cause that participation shows. The networking aspect will also help to land that next job.

nigel mustapha medical marijuanaEducate yourself.

If you want to get a jump start at the marijuana industry, enroll in a university program with a focus in agricultural science. These schools will not teach you how to lead a business specifically based in marijuana, but it will provide the foundation for other forms of learning in the plant industry. In Colorado, there is a Cannabis University that covers topics from state law to medical growing techniques. The cost is $250 for the one day course.

To learn more information about breaking into the marijuana industry, visit the original article here.

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Online Subscriptions Help With Meditation

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Lars King is the founder of Daily Meditation. This website is a subscription service that provides daily tips and instruction on meditation. The goal of this program is to provide people with tools that will provide long term benefits. Often, individuals suffer from stress and are seeking a means to calm their thoughts. Of those that try mediation, many are unaware of how to do it and struggle with consistency. The format of Daily Meditation was designed to serve as a more affordable version of Headspace. Headspace is a meditation tutorial program founded by Andy Puddicombe. Although, it’s pricing was very high and King saw an opportunity for successful change.

Some of the types of meditation may include music based meditation, guided meditation, and meditation with binaural beats. Binaural beats meditation is used to expedite the feeling of deep relaxation. In this method, the brain is encouraged to enter an alpha brainwave state by playing a unique sound frequency in each ear. This results in helping the waves of the brain to slow down. A shift away from the way the brain normally functions to the alpha state is what creates a sense of relaxation.

Daily Meditation is a tool that can be accessed from a variety of sources. However, some may question the need for this service when people can meditate on their own. Daniel McCarthy who is a professor of entrepreneurship argues that people feeling a sense of community will motivate themselves to make more progress. The emails also remind users to meditate, which will encourage a higher level of discipline. Lastly, having a paid subscription is further motivation to follow through with actually meditating.

King proclaims that the internet is a great tool for business. His services can be found for $5 per month, $47 per year, or $97 for a lifetime subscription.To learn more, visit the article written by news correspondent, Julia Barnes on The Huntington News online.

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Josh Stanley and Medical Marijuana in NY

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liberty-statue-nigel mustaphaIn the world of medical marijuana, Josh Stanley’s name has an important ring. Charlotte’s Web was a variation of marijuana developed with the help of Josh Stanley. Its medicinal purpose is to aid in treating pediatric epilepsy. In Colorado, many recent laws were passed regarding marijuana as medicine. Stanley was a key player in getting those laws to pass. He has even given a TED Talk explaining more about how marijuana oil can have a positive impact on conditions such as epilepsy. Stanley is a character that exhibits marketing skills and a sense of charm that makes him welcome in the television business.

New York is acknowledged as a state that has made positive decisions in the medical realm. Very recently, New York passed a medical marijuana law that permits it to be used in a form other than smoking. By allowing it to be used in a non-smoke format, research can proceed to analyze the results. Stanley strongly believes that even though this program is limited, it is a positive step. He believes New York has the ability to become a leader in cannabinoid science and this is a strong move in the right direction.

Josh Stanley is now focused on being in New York to obtain one of the five licenses required to grow marijuana issued by state health department officials. Stanley’s involvement with medical marijuana came about unexpectedly. Although his career was in real estate development, he flew paragliders on the side. A few landing mishaps led to him needing several back surgeries. As a forlorn result of these procedures, he became addicted to opium. Within this time, a friend offered him a liquid form of cannabis. Amazingly, this helped him overcome the opiate addiction. As soon as the real estate position fell through due to a market crash, Stanley began his own medical marijuana clinic.

To learn more about Josh Stanley and his work with medicinal marijuana, visit the Capital New York article.

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Nigel Mustapha – Meditation Tips For Beginners

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Nigel Mustapha shared a blog post on his website including advice for diving into mediation as a beginner. A few simple practices will help one become more consistent with mediation and therefore reaping the benefits. For more information on mediation, visit Nigel Mustapha’s site listed at the end of the presentation.

Meditation Tips for Beginnners

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yoga-nigel mustapha

Meditation is a powerful tool for any human seeking relaxation and stress relief. For those just beginning in this practice, there are several steps to help stay engaged. No longer should meditation be thought of as something only monks practice to achieve enlightenment. It is a means to focus on only the breath which leads to greater concentration and even healing of emotional pain.

Set a time
Pick a consistent time during the day where mediation can always be the main focus. Through consistent practice, it will be a daily ritual. After following for at least 21 days, the body will set it as a devoted habit or pattern. Fight through feelings of not wanting to practice. More regularity will lower one’s overall feeling of resistance.

Try only 5 minutes
To begin a routine, only starting with five minutes will alleviate any possible feeling of an overwhelming time demand, Also, starting this way will set the stage for gradually adding more time.

Take note of thoughts
Be mindful of negative feelings that appear in your mind. Practicing meditation will create a rehearsed mental silence that will calm down those unwanted thoughts and overall internal noise.

Choose a quiet place
Early in the morning is a one of the most peaceful times of the day. Engaging the mind at when it is in a half awake state will help to calm it before it starts to think of day to day things.

Create Ambience
Mediation can be even more fulfilling with the use of tools. A helpful ritual may be the use of candles or calming music.

To find more tips for beginning students of meditation, visit Health Aim’s article here.

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