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tear-off-calendar-nigel mustaphaIn New York, the Department of Health had been accepting applications to obtain a license to grow and distribute medical marijuana. The original deadline was set for May 29th, however it has been pushed back to June 5th. Many individuals had questions throughout the process, therefore the state held off on the deadline to provide more information.

The goal of this application process is to offer private marijuana growers a contract to open dispensaries for the distribution of drugs to New York patients. Only five private growers will be awarded with contracts and the state is looking to open just four dispensaries. Any patients set to receive the drug must be doctor certified for treatment. Once the dispensaries are formed, it will take nine months to grow the supply. The program initially launched its request for applications last month with a January deadline required by law. In July, the selected companies are likely to be registered to begin the process.

New Jersey is facing criticism for the pricing of their medical marijuana. Of those who need the help, many just can’t afford it. It is not uncommon for patients to spend more than $500 for one ounce. Additionally, sales tax of 7% is charged by the New Jersey dispensaries. The medical marijuana program was signed in during 2010. Other criticisms of the program include how it has slowly taken off the ground and how aspects of that are simply dysfunctional. Today, 3,800 patients are being serviced over three dispensaries. Although several thousands more need help, they can’t get it due to further issues with New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. Some say the state’s rigid regulations are cause for higher pricing.

To hear more updates about medical marijuana in New York and New Jersey, visit sources like the Poughkeepsie Journal or New Jersey 101.5.

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