How To Meditate When You Can’t Focus


Living Boho

Meditation is amazing for your mental health; it helps you let go of stress, find inner peace, and escape the troubles of the world. But what happens when you simply cannot let go? Things keep bubbling up that interrupt your progress; that faux pas when you met the in-laws, the time you called your teacher “mom”, or, (gulp) that haircut you did yourself that you thought looked soo cool… It didn’t.

Luckily, there’s still hope.

How to MeditateHere’s a list of tips and tricks I use when I simply cannot let go of the stresses of the world. These tricks work for me very well, but everyone is different. If one of these works for you, fantastic! If not, don’t worry; you’ll find your way with some tweaks to these or a whole new method. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Make a “Worry List”… And Burn It!

Before you even start meditating…

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