Application Time for Potential Medical Growers in NY

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blogging-nigel mustaphaBusinesses who want to be registered to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana will now be able to apply in New York. The Department of Health for this state recently made an announcement for applications. In July of 2014, Governor Cuomo signed a law that patients with serious illnesses will be able to use medical marijuana. However, the slow pace of this to come to pass has patients speaking up. Children in particular are in great need of these non-smokable forms of treatment.

The request for applications is a key part of the entire process for legalization in New York. Following submission, reviews will lead to the registration of organizations by the summertime. July of 2015 is the expected date for company registration. Upon signing the law in July of last year, there was an 18 month deadline for everything to come to pass. Once the program is live, patients with serious ailments such as cancer and epilepsy will now have access to new doctor prescribed drugs. Aside from that, patients who receive certifications will have the chance to purchase from dispensaries awarded with contracts to open for business. In New York, five contracts will be offered to private growers to sell. After being awarded a contract, the estimated grow time is nine months. Forms of the marijuana drug that will be permitted only include vapors, pills, and oils. Smokable forms will not be allowed.

In order to apply, $10,000 is needed to submit an application. This amount is non-refundable and must be sent with thoughtful details of plans for their operation. Once accepted, $200,000 is required for registration.

For more information about New York’s plans for medical marijuana, visit The Journal News online here.

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