Hemp oil to treat pets on the rise


Channel 2 News

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DENVER — Hemp is one of the world’s least understood plants. But, as more and more humans are benefitting from THC in cannabis, so too are pet owners.

Jessica La Rue made THC infused treats for people in hospice care, when she saw how well the treats handled pain for those patients, she decided to see if small doses of hemp oil could help her own dog who was suffering from as she put it, “rickety hips”.

“All of my dogs over the years have not been healed, but their pain and suffering was eased by use of the oil in doggie treats,” said La Rue.

In Denver, Murphy’s Dog Treats were a big hit at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and if you want to order infused bones on line, Canna Companions is a good company to order from.

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Medical Marijuana Bill Advances Again In Pennsylvania Senate


CBS Philly

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania has cleared a key Senate committee — and the sponsor says he’s upbeat about getting a bill to the governor in the coming months.

A medical marijuana bill passed the full Senate but failed to get through the House in the last two-year session of the legislature. A new bill has passed the Senate State Government Committee, chaired by Lebanon County Republican Mike Folmer, who is also the sponsor of the medical marijuana bill. As he works to address concerns of members of the House, Folmer says he believes a bill can get to the governor’s desk before lawmakers begin their scheduled summer recess.

“I really do. I know I’m being optimistic,” he says. “I get that. But I really do, because I believe there are good people over there.”

Folmer believes communication and education…

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Cannabis consumers show greater susceptibility to false memories — ScienceDaily



Cannabis consumers show greater susceptibility to false memories — ScienceDaily.

There could be something to this.  I am aware of false temporal awareness in memories whereby people think something happened a week ago, when it was 3 months ago, for example.  But, if this effect on one’s memory is common, it certainly isn’t remarkably so, nor it is disabling– a bit of a nuisance, perhaps.  But, it is noteworthy and one should be aware of this potential.  The good news is, anecdotally, that these effects fade with abstinence.


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