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Lars King is the founder of Daily Meditation. This website is a subscription service that provides daily tips and instruction on meditation. The goal of this program is to provide people with tools that will provide long term benefits. Often, individuals suffer from stress and are seeking a means to calm their thoughts. Of those that try mediation, many are unaware of how to do it and struggle with consistency. The format of Daily Meditation was designed to serve as a more affordable version of Headspace. Headspace is a meditation tutorial program founded by Andy Puddicombe. Although, it’s pricing was very high and King saw an opportunity for successful change.

Some of the types of meditation may include music based meditation, guided meditation, and meditation with binaural beats. Binaural beats meditation is used to expedite the feeling of deep relaxation. In this method, the brain is encouraged to enter an alpha brainwave state by playing a unique sound frequency in each ear. This results in helping the waves of the brain to slow down. A shift away from the way the brain normally functions to the alpha state is what creates a sense of relaxation.

Daily Meditation is a tool that can be accessed from a variety of sources. However, some may question the need for this service when people can meditate on their own. Daniel McCarthy who is a professor of entrepreneurship argues that people feeling a sense of community will motivate themselves to make more progress. The emails also remind users to meditate, which will encourage a higher level of discipline. Lastly, having a paid subscription is further motivation to follow through with actually meditating.

King proclaims that the internet is a great tool for business. His services can be found for $5 per month, $47 per year, or $97 for a lifetime subscription.To learn more, visit the article written by news correspondent, Julia Barnes on The Huntington News online.

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Josh Stanley and Medical Marijuana in NY

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liberty-statue-nigel mustaphaIn the world of medical marijuana, Josh Stanley’s name has an important ring. Charlotte’s Web was a variation of marijuana developed with the help of Josh Stanley. Its medicinal purpose is to aid in treating pediatric epilepsy. In Colorado, many recent laws were passed regarding marijuana as medicine. Stanley was a key player in getting those laws to pass. He has even given a TED Talk explaining more about how marijuana oil can have a positive impact on conditions such as epilepsy. Stanley is a character that exhibits marketing skills and a sense of charm that makes him welcome in the television business.

New York is acknowledged as a state that has made positive decisions in the medical realm. Very recently, New York passed a medical marijuana law that permits it to be used in a form other than smoking. By allowing it to be used in a non-smoke format, research can proceed to analyze the results. Stanley strongly believes that even though this program is limited, it is a positive step. He believes New York has the ability to become a leader in cannabinoid science and this is a strong move in the right direction.

Josh Stanley is now focused on being in New York to obtain one of the five licenses required to grow marijuana issued by state health department officials. Stanley’s involvement with medical marijuana came about unexpectedly. Although his career was in real estate development, he flew paragliders on the side. A few landing mishaps led to him needing several back surgeries. As a forlorn result of these procedures, he became addicted to opium. Within this time, a friend offered him a liquid form of cannabis. Amazingly, this helped him overcome the opiate addiction. As soon as the real estate position fell through due to a market crash, Stanley began his own medical marijuana clinic.

To learn more about Josh Stanley and his work with medicinal marijuana, visit the Capital New York article.

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