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Nigel Mustapha shared a blog post on his website including advice for diving into mediation as a beginner. A few simple practices will help one become more consistent with mediation and therefore reaping the benefits. For more information on mediation, visit Nigel Mustapha’s site listed at the end of the presentation.

Meditation Tips for Beginnners

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Meditation is a powerful tool for any human seeking relaxation and stress relief. For those just beginning in this practice, there are several steps to help stay engaged. No longer should meditation be thought of as something only monks practice to achieve enlightenment. It is a means to focus on only the breath which leads to greater concentration and even healing of emotional pain.

Set a time
Pick a consistent time during the day where mediation can always be the main focus. Through consistent practice, it will be a daily ritual. After following for at least 21 days, the body will set it as a devoted habit or pattern. Fight through feelings of not wanting to practice. More regularity will lower one’s overall feeling of resistance.

Try only 5 minutes
To begin a routine, only starting with five minutes will alleviate any possible feeling of an overwhelming time demand, Also, starting this way will set the stage for gradually adding more time.

Take note of thoughts
Be mindful of negative feelings that appear in your mind. Practicing meditation will create a rehearsed mental silence that will calm down those unwanted thoughts and overall internal noise.

Choose a quiet place
Early in the morning is a one of the most peaceful times of the day. Engaging the mind at when it is in a half awake state will help to calm it before it starts to think of day to day things.

Create Ambience
Mediation can be even more fulfilling with the use of tools. A helpful ritual may be the use of candles or calming music.

To find more tips for beginning students of meditation, visit Health Aim’s article here.

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Marijuana Oil Used In Experiments to Help Ill Children

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fire-nigel mustaphaMedical marijuana provides options for individuals who exhausted other means of treating their serious illnesses. A new law now allows families to relocate to provide their children with treatment through medical marijuana. The Gross family hailing from Illinois moved their family to Colorado to provide better opportunities for their son who suffers from epileptic seizures and autism. There, he is able to take a marijuana oil known as Charlotte’s Web to alleviate his symptoms.

Legally, he is able to swallow a quarter teaspoon of marijuana oil daily. According to the Gross family, they see improvements in their son’s condition. While once suffering from seizures every two minutes, he now has twenty to thirty minute breaks between episodes. Due to this progress, the parents are willing to take this opportunity and experiment further.

Charlotte’s Web is a hybrid marijuana strain that produces a dark green oil. The nature of this particular strain is low in THC which is the ingredient known to cause a high. Alternatively, it is heavy in CBD. This mixture was created by a Colorado company, however a recent law allowed it’s legal use in Illinois. While these ingredients are still undergoing testing, many recognize them as folk remedies that shouldn’t be relied upon. Doctors urge that these experimental drugs be used as a last resort for severe debilitation. A 2013 CNN documentary showed that effects on children with epilepsy were varied. Surprisingly, families that moved to Colorado for this treatment were more likely to report improvements than families that already resided there.

To explore further about Charlotte’s Web and its use in medical experimentation on ill children, visit the Times Argus here.

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